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The Crawfish Company


Crawfish Catering

We provide onsite turn-key crawfish catering for both, Private and Corp events.  We use purged crawfish that are raised on government certified organic rice fields and all of our farmers ha e been raising crawfish for multiple generations.  Our farmers are our eyes when it comes to the quality of the product we cook and sell. Our product  is typically more a kittle

more expensive but well worth it when it

comes to quality and almost zero % dead loss factor. 

Crawfish Catering Quote

Live Crawfish

We sell live Purged crawfish to and Around the Houston area. 

Our custom crawfish cookers are built  with precision and efficiency in mind.

Crawfish Cookers

Our custom crawfish cookers are built with precision and efficiency.

Contact Us

Email our office at admin@TheCrawfishCompany.com with any questions Or call us at (855) MUD-BUGS

The Crawfish Company

(855) 683-2847

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