What is Crawfish Catering Houston?

OnsiteCrawfish Catering Houston

Various Types Crawfish Catering Services We Offer

Corporate Crawfish Boils

Corporate Onsite Crawfish Boils, Chemical Plant Crawfish Catering Onsite Corporate Crawfish Catering

We currently cater crawfish boils to all types of corporate companies in & around the greater Houston area. In fact, we have traveled as far east as Lumberton, North Carolina for a small onsite crawfish boil for Kestrel Engineering, Inc. and as far west as Burbank, California. We have also catered many onsite crawfish boils in the field or at the actual drilling rig.  These venue sites and locations are usually in rural areas or off the beaten path which is not any trouble for our crews or boiling rigs.

For these types of onsite crawfish boils, and because of OSHA’s laws  and local Health Department regulations, we have to bring our own water to cook with because the water onsite does not pass current health department standards. Although this requires a little more work on the crew, crawfish equipment, crawfish coolers, it’s not a problem for The Crawfish Company.  Our boiling rigs are designed and set up to carry water for these type of onsite crawfish catering events and crawfish boiling purposes.  

So don’t let your venue location to prevent you and your guest or company from having an onsite crawfish boil, because we will go anywhere and will boil anywhere. Hope we see you and your company staff at your next annual onsite crawfish catering event soon!

Private Crawfish Boils

Crawfish Catering Houston Private Parties, Onsite Private Crawfish Catering

Crawfish Catering for all private parties.  We cater to both, small and large private crawfish catering parties.  No event is to small or large.

Rehearsal Dinners

Wedding Crawfish Boils

Crawfish Boil at your Rehearsal Dinner?  Why not?  We have catered many rehearsal dinner crawfish boil partiesl  Let us cater yours!

Birthday Crawfish Boils

Sheriff Nehls Crawfish Boil | Private Party Crawfish Boil | Crawfish Catering Event

Want a Birthday Crawfish Boil?  No problem.Let us come out and do all  the work while you sit back and enjoy your party with your friends, family, & some good ole southern cajun cooking.

Graduation Crawfish Boils

Graduation crawfish boil, onsite graduation crawfsih catering party

Graduation Crawfish Boils are so much fun and are a lare part of our crawfish catering schedule in May, June & July.  Get your Graduation Crawfish Catering Quote today and pre-book your party!

Anniversary Crawfish Boils

Anniversary Crawfish Boils

Let us come out and celebrate your anniversary with a onsite crawfish boil. Nothing like a small private crawfish boild to celebrate another year of success!