(0-40) PSI Regulator

The Crawfish Company

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(0-40) PSI Adjustable Commercial High Pressure Regulator is the best commercial regulator on the market.  We use them on all of our cooking trailers and cookers and recommend them for all commercial use. We have various options and set ups for this regulator.  We also sale a quick connect propane hose that connects to this regulator and is the most efficient set up when it comes to setting up and cooking crawfish.  The standard hose is 48 inches and the fitting on the end of the hose is a 3/8 inch flare swivel fitting.  This regulator is adjustable making it very easy to manage your gas and the size of your flame.  If your running behind and need to get the water boiling ASAP, then simply crank down on the regulator and watch the magic happen.  If your on time and organized, then sit back and open the regulator 15-20 % and take your time.  Its simply the best regulator we have seen on the market since we started cooking crawfish.  

  • LPG High Pressure Hose - 48 inches
  • Adjustable Regulator
  • Brass Control Valve
  • 3/8 inch Flare Swivel Fitting