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* Pressure wash after each use 

* Mark water line for seasoning quantity based on your recipe.

* Don't worry about running the cooker for long periods of time. As long as there is water in the pots and you decrease the pressure on the regulator when dumping, you don't have to worry about damaging the cooker for using for long periods of time. The only real threat is running the cooker without water in the pots. We recommend always having a min of 5 inches of water in the cooker.

* Feel free to use the cooker to fry fish, turkeys, or any foods you would like to fry. If you decide to use the cooker to fry foods in it, make sure you use a very good degreaser when cleaning the pots and baskets. 

* Always clean the cooker after each use. If left un-cleaned, the interior of the pots can pit eventually damaging the interior walls of the cooker.

* You may use your cooker as a Steamer. If you do, always keep a minimum of 5 inches of water in the cooker at all times. If not, bottom of cooker may warp or get damaged.

* Use your cooker at various locations. Feel free to transport your cooker to cook at onsite events. 


* NEVER light the burners until there is water in the cooker pots. If they are lit without any water, the pots will warp and the jet flame will burn through the bottom of the pot.

* NEVER turn the gas to the on position and let gas run open prior to lighting.  When lighting the burners, light one of the outside jet burners. When you increase the pressure on the regulator, the other 2 jets will ignite.  Do not attempt to light with a hand held lighter, we recommend a 3-4 ft propane torch. 

* NEVER attempt to dump the contents in the baskets when the jet burners are cooking at pressure higher than 5 PSI. Always decrease the pressure on the regulator to 0-5 PSI when you dump contents. 

*NEVER stand on the ends of the cooker when cooking. The flames and heat can extend outside the ends of the cooker. Stand behind or in front of the cooker when dumping or loading contents into the cooker.

* NEVER attempt to open / dump contents after cooking without insulated welders gloves.

* NEVER attempt to drain cooker when hot

* NEVER attempt to dump baskets without designated cooker pins.

* NEVERet your cooker sit overnight or for long periods of time with seasoning water or cooked food in the baskets.

* NEVER transport the cooker in the back of a truck or open trailer with the back of the cooker facing into the wind. The wind can open the lid and cause the top portion of the cooker to go airborne and fly off your trailer or out of your truck bed. Basically you want to have the hinged side facing into the wind. If you were to open the lid, the baskets would dump towards the cab or front of the trailer.

* NEVER cook on open cement or concrete without putting a sheet of metal between the ground and bottom of the jet burners. The heat will crack and sometimes blow a hole into the ground. We use a piece of Steele that is cut out 1/2 inch smaller than the inside of the bottom of the cooker.  Just be aware of what surface you will be cooking on and make sure you put something between the cooker and the ground. 

Just treat cooker like you would treat a 160 qrt bayou classic pot and bayou classic double jet burner and a little bit of common sense.

Please email is back if you have any questions that have not been answered here.  We hope you enjoy your new crawfish cooker!