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The Crawfish Company

The Crawfish Company

The Crawfish Company The Crawfish Company The Crawfish Company

We Specialize in Onsite Crawfish Catering, Live Purged Crawfish & Crawfish Cookers,& Trailers


Cajun Crawfish Company

The Crawfish Company specializes in onsite crawfish catering for corporate and private parties. Our goal is to serve the cleanest, best tasting boiled crawfish and fixens this side of the Sabine River!   We do not sprinkle when it comes to crawfish boils and have a 4th generation secret seasoning, and very rare boling method that has been passed down from previous generations.

Our crawfish catering rigs are equipped to handle up to 10,000 lbs boils. Request your crawfish catering quote today and officially pre-book your crawfish boil today!

Crawfish Catering Options

Corporate Crawfish Boils

Corporate Onsite Crawfish Boils, Chemical Plant Crawfish Catering Onsite Corporate Crawfish Catering

Onsite Catering for Refineries,  Chemical Plants, and all other corporate venues in and around the greater Houston area.

Private Crawfish Boils

Crawfish Catering Houston Private Parties, Onsite Private Crawfish Catering

Crawfish Catering for all private parties.  We cater to both, small and large private crawfish catering parties.  No event is to small or large.

Rehearsal Dinners

Private wedding crawfish boil

Crawfish Boil at your Rehearsal Dinner?  Why not?  We have catered many rehearsal dinner crawfish boil partiesl  Let us cater yours!

Birthday Crawfish Boils

Sheriff Nehl onsite crawfish boil

Want a Birthday Crawfish Boil?  No problem.Let us come out and do all  the work while you sit back and enjoy your party with your friends, family, & some good ole southern cajun cooking.

Graduation Crawfish Boils

Graduation crawfish boil, onsite graduation crawfsih catering party

Graduation Crawfish Boils are so much fun and are a lare part of our crawfish catering schedule in May, June & July.  Get your Graduation Crawfish Catering Quote today and pre-book your party!

Anniversary Crawfish Boils

Anniversary crawfish boil

Let us come out and celebrate your anniversary with a onsite crawfish boil. Nothing like a small private crawfish boild to celebrate another year of success!

The Crawfish Company

Corporate onsite crawfish catering crawfish boil

Crawfish Catering

We provide onsite turn-key crawfish catering for both, Private and Corp events.  Get your onsite crawfish catering quote today!

Live crawfish for sale houston | live purged crawfish houston

Live Crawfish

We sell live Purged crawfish to and around the greater Houston area. We will begin selling Fresh Live Purged Crawfish February 1, 2020. Check back then.

custom crawfish cookers, Commercial Aluminum crawfish cooker

Crawfish Cookers

Our custom crawfish cookers are built with precision and efficiency.

Our Corp Customers


Houston, Tx Crawfish Boil

ETS Medgas Onsite Boil | 800 lbs Boiled Crawfish, Shrimp, & Lobster | 2019

Galveston, Tx Crawfish Boil

Texas A&M Galveston Onsite Boil | 1,250 lbs Boiled Crawfish | 2015

Port Arthur, Tx Crawfish Boil

Kendrick Perkin's Son's Birthday Boil  |   Boiled Crawfish, Shrimp, Turkey Legs, King Crab, Lobster | 2013

Lumberton, North Carolina Crawfish Boil

Kestrel Engineering, Inc Onsite Crawfish Boil |  300 lbs Boiled Crawfish, Boiled Shrimp, & Lobster | 2013

San Antonio, Tx Crawfish Boil

Wesco Corporation Onsite Crawfish Boil | 1,200 lbs Boiled Crawfish & Fried Catfish | 2011

South Padre Island, Tx Crawfish Boil

Corporate Solutions Executive Crawfish Boil | 250 lbs Boiled Crawfish, Boiled Shrimp, & Lobster | 2015

Houston, Tx Crawfish Boil

FMC Technologies Onsite  Boil | 1,250 lbs Boiled Crawfish & Fixens | 2015

TCC At Work!

Watch this short crawfish catering video to see the various types of events we cater.

2019 VIP Corp Crawfish Cooker Winner

2019 VIP Cooker Winner

Each year we run various promotions for our Corp VIP customers.  The promotions vary and most are designed around our corp VIP customers pre-booking their annual onsite crawfish / shrimp boils and securing their event dates.

ETS was the winner of the 2019 promotion.


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