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10 Weird Facts You Didn't Know About Crawfish


Crawfish Fun Facts

1. Crawfish can drown:  Do not place your live crawfish in a bucket of tap water. Got to keep them alive and well until you’re ready to cook them up!

2. Some species of crawfish can live for 20-30 years: And some people keep them as pets…

3. They have specialized gills to breathe out of water:  They can survive for a while out of water, especially in humid climates (aka Louisiana weather).

4. There are no crawfish in Africa.  Those poor people don’t know what they’re missing!

5. Louisiana is the first state to have an Official Crustacean: You guessed it – it's crawfish Crawfish capital of the world, baby!

6. Male crawfish fight each other for the female during mating season:  They may loose a leg or a claw. But don’t worry, it will slowly grow back.

7. Crawfish walk forward and swim backwards:  Just keep swimming, just keep swimming….

8. A crawfish’s exterior skeleton is made from calcium-rich chitin, which is similar to human fingernails:  Bet you’ll never think of your fingernails the same again.

9. Crawfish come in tons of different colors, even colorless.

10. There are over 330 species of crawfish in North America, but only two types are harvested: I wonder what those other species taste like...


Are Crawfish Fighters?

Male and female crawfish use different strategies when engaged in agonistic interactions. The duration of male only fights is primarily dependent on loser carapace size and smaller carapace size, but fight duration of these contests is also determined by winner carapace size or larger carapace size. 


Over 330 Species in the US

 Of the 500 species of Crayfish worldwide, over 330 are found in the United States. Crawfish are the state crustacean of Louisiana and are a big part of Cajun  cuisine. They're not limited to the Pelican State, though. You can find  them in rivers and streams across the country. 

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