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2010 Fundraisers & Charitable Events

The Crawfish Company
has a passion for cooking boiled crawfish and has found a way to draw in the dollars with food. With pounds of boiled crawfish, potatoes and corn, The Crawfish Company participates in multiple charity and fundraising events each year.  
We donated/raised over $6,000 for the 2010 season and look forward to continue working with local charities in efforts to raise money for a good cause.  Click on the links below to view photos from the event.

2010 - Pilgrim Journey Baptist Church - Cooked 350 lbs Crawfish, Richmond, Tx - Value $1,950

2010 - Duck's Unlimited of Katy - Donated 70 lb Crawfish Boil for 25 people - Value $601

2010 - Chaney's Girls Fundraiser - Cooked 230 lbs Crawfish, Beaumont, Tx - Value $1,500

2010 - Beaumont Art Museum - Donated 100 lb Crawfish Boil for 35 people - Value $850

2010 - Maranatha Church - Donated 70 lbs Crawfish Boil for 25 people - Value $601

2010 - Raised $239 for Alex Lemonade Stand - Houston, Tx - Value - $350

Dustin R. Chaney

February 17, 1983 - May 22, 2010


"A human life is a story told by God."
~Hans Christian Anderson

Dustin Chaney described in one word would be "loyalty."  His loyalty was not bound to only those he knew; his loyalty transcended man's comprehension.  

Chaney's dedication as a father was something to behold.  He loved his two little angels more than anyone could put into words.  His passion in life was to be the greatest dad to Brailee and Kenzlee and although his life was cut short, he was a success.  As a devoted dad, he never missed a milestone and they were the forefront of his thoughts and prayers.  He was an amazing father and in his eyes, he had no greater achievement.   

Those who were fortunate to call him "friend" knew him as a great entertainer, a person willing to do anything to make his friends and family laugh.  From his Michael Jackson dance moves to his over-zealous desire to win at any competition to his comedic story-telling, Chaney loved to entertain.  He was a friend who never missed an important event, was a shoulder to lean on, and an inspiration to all.  His kindness and friendship was unmatched.

After the terrorist attack of 9/11, Chaney made the decision to protect those he loved as well as those he had never met by enlisting in the Marines.  His mission was to ensure that no terrorist would ever threaten America on his watch.  While in the Marines, Chaney did three tours in Iraq and experienced events that are unfortunate to the price of freedom.  However, he continued to serve with courage, allegiance, and honor.

Once he completed his third tour, he returned to Lumberton, Texas.  On May 22, 2010, Chaney passed away from a slow-progressing injury suffered in Iraq.  In 27 short years, Chaney taught every person he met about love, integrity, friendship, and loyalty without speaking a word of it, he lived by example.  

He will be forever missed . . .