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Crawfish Conclusion 101

Crawfish is one of the nation’s largest aquaculture industries, with most of the markets and consumption in Louisiana and the Gulf coast region. More than 90 percent of crawfish are marketed and sold as live product, with most of the remainder processed for tail meat. Although the processing industry in Louisiana has been significantly damaged by imports from China, imports appear to have had some limited benefit in the development of new markets elsewhere in the U.S. Most live crawfish produced in Louisiana are moved through wholesalers, with a relatively small volume sold by producers directly to the public or to retail establishments. Outside of Louisiana, producers rely mostly on direct sales to the public or to retail establishments.

     The keys to profitability in marketing live crawfish are to understand seasonal market demand, harvest early in the season when prices are high, and produce large crawfish that command the highest prices. The crawfish industry will need to invest time and money to expand the market for live and processed crawfish outside traditional areas.