Event Report Card - Tell Us How We Did!

Congratulations on hosting another successful onsite catering event by The Crawfish Company.  Now its your turn to provide our company with feedback positive or negative regarding how well your event went for you and your guest.  We take these report cards very serious so we ask you to please be honest when answering the questions below.
Remember, your answers will remain confidential and only be used to help our staff and crews get better going forward.
Gratuity: Our company or crew would never ask or expect a tip/gratuity. However, if you feel your crew deserves a tip or you would like to leave gratuity, this is the form to do so. If you wish to tip your crew, please enter the % in the last box. If you do not wish to tip your crew, please enter a "0".
If you have any problems with the form, please email our office @ admin@TheCrawfishCompany.com