New England / Cape Cod Style Set up Theme

Lobster Feast Cape Cod / New England Style!

Have you ever wondered how to plan a New England style clambake? Well, here are some inspirational ideas. You can have your clambake catered or do it yourself. The most important thing is to have a fun, relaxed crowd to spend the evening. The perfect setting helps too.

For our Lobster & clambakes, we try to make the current setting and surroundings as if you were on the upper east coast of New England getting together with friends and family.  Although depending on where your event takes place really determines how well this can be accomplished.  For example, if there is not a body of water, grassy dune overlooking the ocean around your catering event then it will be hard to simulate the ocean. However, with that being said, we really try and do everything we can in order to make your immediate surroundings simulate and feel like your on the Cape for the weekend for a lobster feast!

Here are a few of the Cape Cod style themed set ups

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