Last Weekend To “BUY” Live Crawfish!

Onsite Catering Deposit Request

Congrats!  To "OFFICIALLY BOOK" your onsite catering event, we collect a 50% deposit which secures and guarantees your event date.  The remaining balance will be due at least (1) day prior to your event date. To make it official, please complete and submit the secure credit card deposit form below.

If you have any questions regarding the deposit request please contact our office at (855) MUD-BUGS or the catering manager who helped you at (832) 874-3824. You may also text the (832) # or email our offices at

Appetizer's & Cocktails: Antipasti Dish for (15) ppl **VENUE SETUP MENU: Revised Pricing Summary Based on (15) people for equipment rentals Chairs/Tables: Rustic Bar: Outdoor Lighting: MAIN COURSE Cape Cod / New England Style Authentic Down-east Lobster & Clambake for 15 People *(15) 1-1.25 lb) New England Main Lobsters Steamed to Perfection 17 lbs New England Steamers 15 lbs of Large Gulf Shrimp Boiled/Steamed to perfection New Potatoes and Sweet Corn setup for 15 guest All Serving Staples, Serving Trays, Paper Towels, Wet Naps, Fresh Lemon 15 lbs of Sausage Bread for 15 Butter setup for lobster bake for 15x 2 Servers/Cooks/ Labor Total: $2,495 + tax