Production Strategies for Identified Markets 101

A crawfish producer should be familiar with potential markets, both wholesale and retail, and match production to the needs of the market. Since crawfish are harvested several times a week, a farmer must have reliable buyers to be successful. Few farmers in areas such as southern Louisiana sell directly to consumers, so most large producers must sell most of their harvest to wholesale buyers and processors. Small-scale producers outside of Louisiana have few established and knowledgeable wholesalers who are experienced in marketing live crawfish. However, many small-scale producers are successfully selling directly to consumers and to retail seafood establishments.

     Occasionally, harvesting schedules and strategies must be adjusted to accommodate available markets. Buyers may prefer to have product delivered only on certain days, such as Thursday through Sunday. When crawfish supplies are abundant, trapping strategies may need to be adjusted to trap only the largest crawfish, even at the expense of overall yield. Planning and good communication with potential buyers early in the season can help a producer compete more successfully in the marketplace.