Centre Technologies March 30, 2019 350lbs 150

TCC Onsite Crawfish Catering

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Moving MudBug Delivery Menu:

  • 350 lbs of "Boiled Purged Crawfish" x $4.99- $1,746.50
  • 20 lbs of Sausage x $6.99 -$139.80
  • 20 lbs of Mushrooms @ $5.99 per lb - $119.20
  • 150 people corn, potatoes, all serving staples, serving trays, paper towels, etc x $2.00- $300

Sub Total: $2,381.10 +tax (minus recent payment) 

(Paid) Booking Deposit Received: $1,717+tax

(Due) Final Payment Due: $664.10+tax.

(Client: Centre TechnologiesEvent / Venue Address: Pace Family Residence-Benders Landing, Delivery Time: 2:00pm, Event DateMarch 30, 2019Catering Crew Leader: Jeff / Jaime, Contact #’s: (832) 350-1120 & (832) 874-3824  or Office: (855) MUD-BUGS

How It Works: We are the first crawfish company to delivery Boiled Crawfish to customer's home or office ready to eat at their serving time.  We have crawfish cooking crews located in various parts of Houston each day already boiling crawfish for our onsite customers.  The crew cooking the closest to you will bring the additional crawfish and fixens (corn, potatoes, sausage, shrimp, onions, etc) to thier onsite boil.  They will drop your crawfish and fixens just in time for them to prepare, cook and dump into our speciality ice chest which is duck taped shut, loaded onto a delivery truck, and sent your way to arrive just prior to your serving time.  Thats it! 
You dont have to worry about the making the big mess or cleaning it up.  Let Boudreaux and Thibideaux do all the nasty back breaking painful work while you sit back and wait or spend more time with you guest and friends.  The best part about Moving MUD-BUGS is the cost!  The food taste just as it would if our crew was cooking onsite,  but its a fraction of the cost of a onsite turnkey crawfish boil
If we delivery 160qrt ice chest, we will pick them up the following day and must be washed out and cleaned.  Do not clean with soap, just water. Please leave the plastic scoop in the ice chest as well.