Crawfish Trailer Build Deposit

Crawfish Trailer Build Deposit

The Crawfish Company

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Here is the process we follow at The Crawfish Company for our trailer builds / quote request.  This process provides both, the customer and our designer with an outline and allows both parties to stay on track to determine the best options based on your needs.

The Crawfish Company Trailer Introduction - What Happens Next Procedures / Expectations Outline

Customer contacts TCC via email or phone and request information/quote about a trailer and we send back What Happens Next Procedures/Expectations Outline with Questionnaire to be completed by customer.

  • Company (TCC):     Email intro/wants/needs/what happens next outline/expectations to customer based on initial phone call/email requesting the customer to complete the questions below. 

  • Customer (Trailer):   Customer sends back the answers to questionnaire 

  • Company (TCC):    TCC sends several example trailers based on customer previous response to give an idea on what options are available.

  • Customer (Trailer):   Customer reviews examples from TCC and sends back wants, needs, wish list, budget, etc. 

  • Company (TCC):    TCC reviews customer trailer wants, needs list, upgrades, price ranges, and sends back 1st official trailer build quote that would fall into their budget, category, wants/needs.

  • Customer (Trailer):  *Customer reviews the 1st Quote and pays the $500 trailer build deposit if they would like to move forward

  • Company (TCC):    TCC will verify deposit, and review the customers changes and provide an updated sketch of trailer via (CAD) & Quote with pricing

  • Customer (Trailer):  Customer will review the revisions, make any changes and email them to the contact @ TCC 

  • Company (TCC):    Company calls customer to discuss and confirm customer's revisions, and answer any questions  

  • Company (TCC):    TCC will make any changes from phone call/email and email customer for final approval

  • Customer (Trailer):  Customer will review the final revisions, sign off on sketch & quote and email back to TCC -

  • Company (TCC):    Company TCC officially places order with Trailer Fabrication Plant

  • Trailer Factory:       Our Trailer Factory will email us back confirmation of order received along with ETA of completion 

  • Company (TCC):   TCC will email customer trailer order confirmation along with estimated production time, delivery, pickup, etc

* No additional time will be spent towards a trailer build until the $500 trailer build deposit has been paid.  Once the trailer build deposit has been received, our staff will finish working with you to complete your trailer build design. If you do not officially order your trailer for whatever reason, your $500 trailer build deposit will be refunded.  Once the trailer has been officially ordered, no deposits will be refunded and the balance must be paid in full within 5 days of picking up or taking delivery of the trailer.