Lonestar East Aldine Center | Annual Crawfish Boil Corp Promo Crawfsh Cooker Giveaway | April 2nd | 11:30-1:30pm | 200 People

The Crawfish Company

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  VIP Corp Crawfish Boil Promo

 We have (5) spots available, so pre-book to secure your spot & 20% chance of winning one of our custom crawfish cookers!

 Cooker is located on the left above

What You Get & How To Pre-Book

  • Secures and guarantees your annual onsite crawfish boil
  • Your entered into our annual crawfish cooker giveaway with a 1 and 5 chances of winning. (20%)
  • Your company takes precedent regarding your event date and final menu food revisions. (Can move your date last minute if needed or revise the menu prior to your event last minute if needed due to weather.)
  • Your company also has the option to have several of our holiday food packages delivered to your office,  a staff, employee, friend or family. If you wish not to participate in the holiday food special, we will donate your holiday turkey packages to one of our homeless shelters as we have in the past and send you photos of the donation as it happens. 

Last Years VIP Winner

We pre-book your event based on the previous years menu.  Approx 30 days from your event date, we will confirm the final head count and finalize your menu.  Revisions will be made and confirmed based on your needs at that time including the quantities and date.


Option # 1 - Full On-site Catering/Turn Key:

  • 400 lbs of "Boiled Purged Crawfish" x $4.74 - $1,896
  • 200  people corn & potatoes - $149
  • Season & Propane: $0.00 (We will donate)
  • 2 Servers/Cooks/ Labor x $95 - $0.00 ( We donate this portion)
  • Travel / Fuel / Set up for Catering Crew - $0.00 (We donate this portion)

Total: $2,045 Tax Exempt 

  • Pre-Booking Deposit:$995
  • Final Balance Due Week Of Event:$1,050


  •  DATE: April 2, 2020 

  • SERVING TIME: 11:30am-1:30 pm

  • LOCATION(East Aldine Center)

  • 2430 Aldine Mail Route Rd.
    Houston, TX 77039

TCC Crew Leader for event:

  • jeff Patterson  (832) 778-1151
  • admin@TheCrawfishCompany.com

Company Contact: