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Stainless Cooking Paddle

Stainless Cooking Paddle

The Crawfish Company

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The  Stainless Steel Cooking Paddle makes a perfect Cajun cooking accessory to any large pot. When you compare the  wooden cooking paddle to the stainless steel cooking paddle, the stainless steel cooking paddle always comes out on top. The stainless steel cooking paddles are easier to clean and last longer. However, when you use a stainless steel stir paddle with a jambalaya pot, it sounds like nails going down a chalk board. When you use this paddle with a regular large cooking pot (like a crawfish pot), it works like a large spoon. The stainless steel cooking paddle allows for easier turning of food where you would normally not have that access. The Stainless Steel Cooking Paddle measures 42” L.

  • Bayou Classic stir paddle
  • Long comfortable handle
  • Made of durable stainless steel
  • Measures 42-inches in length
  • Paddle end measures 4-inches in width